Crocheted Easter decorations

Crocheted Easter decorations
2th April 2020 Gicona
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Who doesn't love Easter? It starts to feel spring, many are long-term, which means time for family, friends and needlework, and so the candy is on the menu. Could it be better than that? Everyone may not decorate Easter, but we think every home should have at least one chicken, feather or egg so here are some tips on what you can create. A link to the patterns can be found at the bottom of all pictures. Happy Easter!

Hares, chickens and roosters to decorate with or hang in the Easter crisis - Design by Pysselofix.

Yarn Feathers, cut them the desired shape and have in the Easter crisis or make nice Easter gifts - Design Pysselofix

Easter Figurines, cute friends to decorate the home with - Design MyDIY.

Easter egg, look good as a decoration on the shelf or in a window - Design Diwy by Titti.

Egg caps for “eggstrap” well-dressed table guests - Design Favoritgarner / The grinder

>>> See all patterns HERE >>>

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