World Sticker Day 2020

World Sticker Day 2020
June 13th, 2020 Gicona
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World Knitting Day, or World Knitting Day, originates from Worldwide Knit in Public Day which was founded in the USA in 2005. The event takes place on a specific date every year and in 2020 people around the world will meet on June 13 to make knitting visible as a social activity for all ages. Even though the name refers to knitting, over the years it has become a more common hit for anyone who loves to create with yarn. Today, many people meet regularly at knitting and crochet cafés for the same purpose, ie to meet people who appreciate and share the love of needlework. Feel free to email us at or leave a comment if you know of an active knitting & crochet café. Surely it would be good if there was a list of places to go to when you feel too little needlework?

Have a yarntastic day! / Gicona Yarn Lovers

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