Join and crochet Myr shawl CAL

Join and crochet Myr shawl CAL
July 3 Gicona
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Time for this year's summer CAL and this year we will jointly crochet the beautiful shawl "Myr" which is a Gicona In-house design. We do the event in the usual order together with Favoritgarner. Gicona delivers design and Favoritgarner delivers yarn packages.

The word Myr means peace in Ukrainian and CAL means Crochet Along which is an event where we jointly crochet a pattern online that is divided into parts and released on specific dates. The shawl has details of hearts and flowers and is beautifully color-changing with the original yarn as Favoritgarner produced as a yarn package. It will be as beautiful as a single color if you would prefer another yarn. The pattern is available at Gicona, but you get the pattern for free if you buy any yarn Favoritgarner. Read more about the yarn packages at Favoritgarner HERE. To get to the pattern only, click HERE

Feel free to join our crochet groups on facebook: Create with Gicona and Crochet with Favoritgarner where you will find a crochet community and can get support.

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