Crochet Mandala - English Rose
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Crochet Mandala - English Rose

49 SEK

Pattern for English Rose – A crocheted mandala with poufs and decorative rose. Buy yarn packages at Favoritgarner and get the pattern for free >> HERE
The cloth will be most beautiful if it is crocheted with a crochet hook and fairly firmly so that it is tight.

Measure: Approx. 46 centimetres.
Yarn: Capri – 1 x color 82169, 82179, 82174, 82177 and 82183. Color 82177 may require 2 skeins if you crochet slightly loose or go up in hook size. For a mandala 5 colors are used and for this pattern you can use most of them Favoritgarners 10-pack color-matched yarn packages.
Yarn Facts: See the facts and compare yarn types >> HERE
Recommended crochet hook:
2,5 mm
Accessories: Scissors and needle. Blocking material.
Design: Gicona In-house design.


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