Star Delight Mandala
  • Star Delight - color pack White Gold - Crochet by Tine_01web
  • Star Delight - color pack White Gold - Crochet by Tine
  • Star Delight -2 balls of each 074,106,192,172,501 - Crochet by Tine

Star Delight Mandala

50 SEK

Pattern for a beautiful crocheted fabric - Star Delight Mandala.

Size: About 75 cm
Recommended crochet hook: 2,5 and 3,0 mm.
Accessories: Scissors and needle.
Yarn: Catona. See yarn facts and alternatively yarn >> HERE
Materials: About 500 grams. Colors: 1 x 074, 106, 110, 172, 242, 393 and 4 x 249.
Design: Crochet by Tine
Other information: The pattern's instructions are written after the red-gray variant (6 colors), see picture in the product gallery. To make this yellow-gray version, you need to look at the picture yourself and choose colors according to your own taste.


Check the consumption in the pattern before buying yarn.

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