Poinsettia CAL - Christmas Calendar 2021
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Poinsettia CAL - Christmas Calendar 2021

75 SEK

Favoritgarners work calendar Christmas 2021 - Poinsettia CAL! If you want to buy a complete yarn package for one or more table tablets, click >> HERE. Choose between different yarn packages entirely in cotton or in cotton + glitter yarn.

Measure: About 42 cm
Crochet hook: 2,5 mm
Ev. marker, scissors and needle

Materials: With a cotton yarn 125 m / 50 grams such as. Capri / Catona / Catania, it is estimated that a tablet consumes about 140 grams of yarn (70 grams each of two colors). But keep in mind that everyone crochets differently, so feel free to weigh and see your yarn consumption after your first table tablet so your yarn is enough for the desired number.

Design: Gicona In-house Design


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