Crochet shawl - Myr shawl
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Crochet shawl - Myr shawl

49 SEK

Myr shawl CAL was Giconas and Favoritgarners summer work in 2022 - The word Myr means peace in Ukrainian and CAL means Crochet Along, which is an event where you jointly crochet a pattern that is divided into several parts online. All parts are released and the pattern downloaded is complete. Crochet with the yarn cake, which is the original yarn, and you get a beautifully changing color shawl with details of hearts and flowers. The measurement will be approx. 25 x 190 cm, but you can easily adjust the length as desired. Buy yarn at Favoritgarner and get the pattern for free >> HERE

Yarn: Yarn cake 4-thread, 750 grams, 200 m (with or without glitter) from Favoritgarner. If you use cotton as an alternative yarn, consider going up a crochet hook size so you get an airy shawl. Yarn consumption cotton yarn approx. 825 grams.
Yarn Group: Fingering
Recommended crochet hook:
3,5 mm
Accessories: Scissors and needle. Blocking material.
Design: Gicona In-house design.


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