Honeybee triangle shawl
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Honeybee triangle shawl

Free pattern

Knitted shawl in 2 different models, triangular and rectangular (which can be made into a tube scarf). It is the same pattern for all Honeybee shawls but the different yarn types are shown as individual products. Also available in Soft Lama Fine and Whirl.

The shawl got its name from the structure and color of the first shawl that was knitted. Yarn Spirit and color "304 Lion" is reminiscent of beehives and honeycombs. The shawl is knitted across in a relatively simple but beautiful pattern and you do not have to be an advanced knitter to cope with this.

The turquoise shawl is knitted in Svarta Fårets yarn Soft Lama Fine. The soft and cozy yarn makes the shawl feel very light and airy when knitted with slightly larger knits than the yarn recommends. The shawl in the picture is knitted in color 980.

The gradient shawl is knitted in Scheepjes Whirl, a cotton / acrylic blend yarn. Available in lots of nice color combinations. Whirl has also come in a variant called Whirl Ombré which consists only of a gradient that goes from gradient from light to dark.

When the shawl was tested, the idea of ​​turning it into a scarf came to mind. The result was an airy unisex scarf with the same pattern, which can be made in different yarns and lengths to adapt to different uses. Dispose of it as a scarf, or sew the card ends together and get a tube scarf.

Yarn:  Spirit - Alternative yarn Whirl / Whirl Ombré or Soft Lama Fine     Design: Pysselofix
Size: Triangle shawl about 195 cm wide and scarf about 30 x 150 cm.
Spirit Yarn Facts: 50 grams - 210 meters - Knitting needles 3,5 mm - 4,0 mm - Mesh density 22 m, 30 v = 10 cm - Material 56% Cotton & 44% Acrylic.
Materials 3 x Spirit (for scarf, 2 is just enough).
Circular Knit: 4,0 mm - 80 cm (triangle shawl) Splinters: 4,0 mm (scarf)  Accessories: Needle and scissors

Soft Lama Fine Yarn Facts:
 50 grams - 166 meters - Knitting needles 3,0 mm - Mesh density 28 m = 10 cm - Material 100% Babylama. Materials 3 x Soft Lama Fine.
Whirl / Whirl Ombre yarn facts: approx. 215 grams - 1000 meters - Knitting needles 3,5 mm - 4,0 mm - Mesh density 25 m, 44 rows = 10 cm - Material 60% Cotton and 40% Acrylic. Materials 1 x Whirl / Whirl Ombré.

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