Dancing Hearts Mochila Bag
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Dancing Hearts Mochila Bag

75 SEK

Pattern for Dancing Hearts Mochila Bag. If you want to buy a complete yarn package with yarn, patterns, cotton bag and 8 markers (price from SEK 275) instead of just patterns, click on “Shop Favoritgarner".


Mochila bags are crocheted in a fun multi-color technique. If you have not crocheted with this technique before, it can initially be a bit tricky as 3 threads should run along throughout the work, but once you have mastered the technique, it is not difficult. Above all, it's really fun! The description contains text and some explanation / diagram. Mochila bags should be crocheted tightly with a smaller crochet hook than what the yarn recommends, so feel free to test the technique with a little leftover yarn before you start with your bag. It is good if you always watch the associated Youtube videos for each pattern part there Frostvirka shows and tells about parts of the bag. Watch the first movie  >> HERE

The size of the bag, depending on the crochet strength, becomes about 14-17 cm (diameter) and 21-25 cm (height) in the original yarn Spring. In the slightly thinner yarn Catona or Capri there will be a Mini-Mochila with a size of 11 x 15 cm. Read more about recommended crochet pins and see all color packages on Favoritgarners website: Yarn Spring >> HERE - Capri >> HERE - Catona >> HERE

Design: Frostvirka
- Brown / pink bag: Our color package 01
- Mint / pink / white bag: Our color package 02
Pink / white bag: Our color package 03
- Turquoise / white bag: Our color package 04
- Black / purple / pink / green: Catona color package Heartbroken (part of the package)
- Gray / pink / white: Capri color package Sleeping Beauty (part of the package)

Download the digital pattern in your order confirmation or in your profile with Gicona.

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