Ombré Crochet - Gradient effect

Ombré Crochet - Gradient effect
6th of May 2020 Gicona
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Think that something so simple can be so effective! The word Ombré comes from the French and means "shadow". Ombré crochet creates shaded areas between two colors that meet and there are lots of variations on how colors can be put together. For example, choose a color in several shades and crochet them from light to dark to get a soft gradient look. Or mix completely different colors for clearer color shifts or a "dramatic" look. The design is created by Favoritgarner and even if the pattern has instructions on how to crochet a table runner, it is easy to adjust the dimensions and width of the stripes for other designs such as table tops, blankets, pillows or rugs. The technology is the same. The description contains both text and image explanation, so it is also suitable for beginners. IN Favoritgarners webshop there are hundreds of color packages in 9 different yarn types and if you buy yarn packages the pattern is included free of charge. Favoritgarners webshop -> CLICK HERE
You can also buy the pattern separately at Gicona -> CLICK HERE

Favoritgarners Ombré yarn packages are available in 9 different yarn types: Brisa, Cablé 5, Capri, Catona, Lisa, Sugar Rush, Tilda, Tilda Cotton Eco and Spring. Each yarn type is available in lots of color packages and an example from each yarn type is shown below or click on to Favoritgarner and see all >>> Favoritgarners Webshop

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