Coffee - Organic yarn in 136 colors!

Coffee - Organic yarn in 136 colors!
June 24th, 2022 Gicona
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We have joined yarn! Finally we can release the news about the project we worked on for a long time! Something for yarn lovers, created by yarn lovers.

As we were looking for the perfect cotton yarn! Based on what we have seen demanded over the years, we know that a cotton yarn should preferably be mercerized but not too hard, available in many colors, be washable in 60 degrees, not be too expensive and preferably organic or locally produced (but the price tag goes before). That dream combination does not exist eller .or? Well, soon do! At the end of the summer, Gicona launches a completely new and self-produced yarn, the mercerized and organic cotton yarn Fika. Production takes place in Europe and at launch there will be 136 fantastic and carefully selected colors. I think we might even dare to say that Fika will be able to offer the largest color scale of all existing cotton yarns. Thickness you wonder? 125 meters / 50 grams. The sale of Fika will initially take place at Favoritgarner.see

The yarn will also be sold outside Sweden and this is how we write on the yarn's label to explain our Swedish tradition around Fika.

”[Fee-ka] - Swedish - Besides being a high quality eco cotton yarn in a wide range of colors, Fika is also a “coffee and cake break” which is an important part of Swedish culture. It's a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. For most Swedes, it's a daily tradition where you make time for family, friends or colleagues to enjoy a fika together. We hope you will enjoy creating with Swedish Fika! ”

Are you a designer, or dreaming of creating your own designs or inspirational videos? Feel free to write to us and tell us a little about your creation, preferably with some pictures so maybe you will be selected for our future design collaborations. Email us:

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Happy Midsummer 2022 wishes Gicona!

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