Who is Squirrel? In a few words you can say that I am a woodworker, knitter, designer, translator and teacher.

Are you knitting, crochet or maybe both? I am mainly crochet, but I am learning to knit slowly but surely. I started with crocheting, but got the urge to learn to knit after a few years because you can get such different expressions with the different forms of creation. So far, I mainly use different wood techniques when I create and have only dared to design a knitted hat and a shawl.

If you switch to a completely different creative activity, what do you do? If I do not crochet or knit, I sing most.

How did you learn to crochet / knit (also meant who if someone taught you) and when did you start creating your own design? I was told that I would become aunt in the autumn -14 and then I was told that I would crochet a blanket for the baby, so then it was just to get started and learn how to crochet. I used different tutorials on youtube. I wanted to learn everything (!) From the beginning and geeked in on yarns, crochet pins, patterns and everything else yarn-related. It took a while for a while before I dared to believe in myself and start creating my own designs, but I got a real push in the back when Favoritgarner had a design competition this summer -16 (I think it was). Then I got the urge to try my hand at pattern creation and writing.

What is your best advice for someone who would like to start creating their own design? Dare to play and explore different mask combinations, colors and materials. Crochet and / or knit for others' designs to see how others write patterns. There are different ways to formulate and you need to find a way that you feel comfortable with and that others can understand.

How does a design idea become a finished design and how do you best put together nice color combinations? Remember to write down how you do! When you sit and crochet and tear up to get the result you are looking for, it is easy to forget how to do. I sit with paper and pen when I create something new. Notes, strokes and counts. When I have finished my design, I have my notes which I then use as a basis when I wrote the pattern. Another tip is to dare to test different things. Tearing up and starting over is a fantastic way to learn. Everything is not going to be perfect right away, and that's okay. Use colors you like! It is extremely uninspiring to create something in colors that you do not think are beautiful. You can seek inspiration for different color combinations online if you feel that you are stuck.

What is your favorite color? Blue!

What kind of yarn do you prefer? I love to crochet and knit with bamboo yarn. It is soft, beautiful and beautiful!

Which is your biggest knitting or crochet tab? My biggest mistake is not having bought enough yarn to complete a project. Sometime when I ordered more yarn to supplement it has come from a different color bath and it has been a nuance to the yarn I have already crocheted. Not fun.

Which one are you most proud of? I am most proud of my poncho (Northern poncho) that I created for a CAL. When I designed it, I challenged myself to use both yarns and colors that I do not usually choose. What I am most pleased with is the fit over the shoulders. It was the first time I designed a garment and it was tricky to get a good fit. I crocheted, pulled up, crocheted, pulled up, crocheted…

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