Hooked by Anna

Hooked by Anna

Hooked by Anna

Who is Hooked by Anna? I'm Anna Erlandsson, a native Stockholmer with three children, a man and a crazy cat, living in Täby north of Stockholm. During the days I work with technology and communication. In my spare time, I prefer to create with yarn.

Are you knitting, crochet or maybe both? I prefer crochet but also knit when I get fancy, or see irresistible knit patterns.

If you switch to a completely different creative activity, what do you do? Digging and growing in the garden, sewing or "borrowing" my children's coloring books.

How did you learn to crochet / knit and when did you start creating your own design? Mom taught me to knit when I was little and crochet I learned in the sewing school in middle school. Most of it, however, I have snatched into adulthood from YouTube, Instagram and other people's designs. For me, pattern creation came automatically after a couple of years of crocheting.

What is your best advice for someone who would like to start creating their own design? The absolute best way to learn how to create and write your own designs, I think, is to "do their homework", ie crochet / knit a lot of different types of designs by several designers.

How does a design idea become a finished design and how do you best put together nice color combinations? I try to sketch my idea on paper and then just get started, try it out. You should not be afraid to scratch up and start over! I observe shapes and colors around me, take photos. When it comes to color choices, I try not to be totally seduced by beautiful yarns in all the colors of the rainbow, but to think about the end result - and its function. Do I design e.g. a garment, I think about what colors I can imagine wearing. "Less is more" usually applies then! An amigurumi (crocheted toy), on the other hand, is a completely different five!

What is your favorite color? All!

What kind of yarn do you prefer? Natural materials. Untreated wool is a magical material!

Which is your biggest knitting or crochet tab? To ignore the sample tag to check the crochet / knit strength. Really Stupid!

Which one are you most proud of? Everything that comes into use and fulfills a need or function makes me proud!

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