Crochet by Tine

Crochet by Tine

Who is Crochet by Tine?
My name is Christine (Tine) Jensen and I live in Skåne, as far down as you can get, Trelleborg.

Are you knitting, crochet or maybe both? Works. Have tried to teach me to knit but I am a hopeless case.

If you switch to a completely different creative activity, what do you do? Rearranging the furniture.

How did you learn to crochet / knit and when did you start creating your own design? I think I learned in needlework, I remember crocheting a pink baby dress and thought, WOW this one I made. Then I was stuck in the crochet.

What is your best advice for someone who would like to start creating their own design? Do it! There is nothing more fun than seeing your idea turn into something beautiful. And write down what you do. And it will not be as you thought, on it again! Then you have all of us here at Gicona that you can ask for help.

How does a design idea become a finished design and how do you best put together nice color combinations? Many of my ideas come when I sit down with yarn and needle and freestyles. Somehow it grows what it wants to be, then I look a lot on the internet for nice pictures to get some nice color combination.

What is your favorite color? Black and white.

What kind of yarn do you prefer? Prefers nothing, crochets with all yarn types and sizes on the needle.

Which is your biggest knitting or crochet tab? That I usually forget to write down what I do and have to do it again.

Which one are you most proud of? Star Delight Mandala.

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