• April072021

    The biggest Easter celebration of the year

    The Easter weekend is associated with many with the arrival of spring. Although the celebration of Easter itself is not big, it was in ...

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  • June132020

    World Sticker Day 2020

    World Knitting Day, or World Knitting Day, originated from Worldwide Knit in Public Day, founded in the United States in 2005. The event takes place ...

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  • May062020

    Ombré Crochet - Gradient effect

    Think that something so simple can be so effective! The word Ombré comes from the French and means "shadow". Ombré crochet creates shaded ...

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  • April022020

    Crocheted Easter decorations

    Who doesn't love Easter? It's starting to feel spring, many are long-term, which means time for family, friends and needlework, and ...

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  • tue012020

    Crochet and knit the weather in 2020!

    Have you heard of Temperature blanket, also called weather blanket? It is a blanket created by making a ...

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  • February092020
    Wanted - Translator English - Swedish

    Wanted! Translator knit & crochet patterns

    The print for digital designs is greater than ever and many fine designs are waiting to be translated into Swedish. For...

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  • January022020

    Welcome to Gicona!

    For yarn lovers, by yarn lovers - A warm welcome to Gicona! The first Swedish portal for knits and crochet is now opening. Interested ...

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